Essentials of Rubin's Pathology 6/e 2014
CHAPTER 1: Cell Adaptation, Cell Injury and Cell Death
CHAPTER 2: Inflammation
CHAPTER 3: Repair, Regeneration and Fibrosis
CHAPTER 4: Immunopathology
CHAPTER 5: Neoplasia
CHAPTER 6: Developmental and Genetic Diseases
CHAPTER 7: Hemodynamic Disorders
CHAPTER 8: Environmental and Nutritional Pathology
CHAPTER 9: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
CHAPTER 10: Blood Vessels
CHAPTER 11: The Heart
CHAPTER 12: The Respiratory System
CHAPTER 13: The Gastrointestinal Tract
CHAPTER 14: The Liver and Biliary System
CHAPTER 15: The Pancreas
CHAPTER 16:  The Kidney
CHAPTER 17: The Lower Urinary Tract and Male Reproductive System
CHAPTER 18: The Female Reproductive System, the Peritoneum and Pregnancy
CHAPTER 19: The Breast
CHAPTER 20: Hematopathology
CHAPTER 21: The Endocrine System
CHAPTER 22: Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus and the Metabolic Syndrome
CHAPTER 23: The Amyloidoses
CHAPTER 24: The Skin
CHAPTER 25: The Head and Neck
CHAPTER 26: Bones and Joints
CHAPTER 27: Skeletal Muscle
CHAPTER 28: The Nervous System
CHAPTER 29: The Eye