Exercise Physiology 4E 2001

Especially for exercise science and physical education students, this text provides a solid foundation in theory illuminated by application and performance models to increase understanding and to help students apply what they've learned in the classroom and beyond.


New to This Edition

Applies exercise physiology to sports performance and conditioning in Winning Edge Boxes helping students better understand pragmatic applications of the field.

Links exercise physiology to health-related fitness and rehabilitation concerns through revised Clinical Applications Boxes.

Includes up-to-date information on the effects of creatine supplementation on performance and lean body mass and other new developments in the use of ergogenic aids in sports performance in chapters 3 and 25.

Offers the most current information on the effects of physical activity on health in chapter 10.

Provides the latest research on the effects of endurance exercise training on skeletal muscle fiber types in chapter 8.

Looks at new information on the role of diet composition on "syndrome x", diet supplements, drugs and weight loss, and fad diets and weight loss in chapter 18.

Discusses the most up-to-date information on physical activity and health utilizing information contained in the Surgeon Generals Report in chapter 16.

Considers updates on resistance training from both a physiological and health-related perspective.

Uses a book specific web site to provide additional learning and teaching aids such as a list of web addresses useful in all areas of exercise physiology and fitness, PowerPoint lecture package containing major illustrations from each chapter of the book, revised student study guide, and password protected revised instructors guide.