Essentials of Biology 7/e 2024

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Essentials of Biology 7/e 2024


Essentials of Biology, is designed to provide students who are not majoring in science with a fundamental understanding of the science of biology. Even though these students are not scientists, an understanding of how science can help identify, analyze, and offer solutions to the many challenges facing human society is critical to our species’ health and survival.


Sylvia S. Mader has authored several nationally recognized biology texts published by McGraw-Hill. Educated at Bryn Mawr College, Harvard University, Tufts University, and Nova Southeastern University, she holds degrees in both Biology and Education. Over the years she has taught at University of Massachusetts, Lowell; Massachusetts Bay Community College; Suffolk University; and Nathan Mayhew Seminars. Her ability to reach out to science-shy students led to the writing of her first text, Inquiry into Life, which is now in its fifteenth edition. Highly acclaimed for her crisp and entertaining writing style, her books have become models for others who write in the field of biology.

Michael Windelspecht has taught introductory biology, genetics, and human genetics in the online, traditional, and hybrid formats at community colleges, universities, and military institutions. Educated at Michigan State University and the University of South Florida, he is currently an adjunct professor of biology at Appalachian State University. He served for over a decade as the Introductory Biology Coordinator at Appalachian State University, a program that enrolled over 4,500 students annually. As an author and editor, Dr. Windelspecht has published over 20 reference textbooks and multiple print and online lab manuals and has founded several science communication companies, including Ricochet Creative Productions, which develops and assesses new technologies for the science classroom. Learn more about Dr. Windelspecht at


1 Biology: The Science of Life

UNIT I The Cell
2 The Chemical Basis of Life
3 The Organic Molecules of Life
4 Inside the Cell
5 The Dynamic Cell
6 Energy for Life
7 Energy for Cells

UNIT II Genetics

8 Cellular Reproduction
9 Meiosis and the Genetic Basis of Sexual Reproduction
10 Patterns of Inheritance
11 The Instructions for Life: DNA and RNA
12 Biotechnology and Genomics
13 Mutations and Genetic Testing

UNIT III Evolution

14 Darwin and Evolution
15 Evolution on a Small Scale
16 Evolution on a Large Scale

UNIT IV Diversity of Life

17 Viruses, Bacteria, and Protists
18 Plants and Fungi
19 Animals

UNIT V Plant Structure and Function

20 Plant Anatomy and Growth
21 Plant Responses and Reproduction

UNIT VI Animal Structure and Function

22 Organization of the Animal Body and Homeostasis
23 The Transport Systems
24 The Maintenance Systems
25 Digestion and Human Nutrition
26 Defenses Against Disease
27 The Control Systems
28 Sensory Input and Motor Output
29 Reproduction, Development, and Aging

UNIT VII Ecology

30 Ecology and Populations
31 Communities and Ecosystems
32 Human Impact on the Biosphere

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