Vander's Human Physiology 16/e 2023 (國考指定用書) (團購另有優惠)

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Vander's Human Physiology 16/e 2023 (國考指定用書) (團購另有優惠)-需求單

Vander's Human Physiology 16/e 2023 (國考指定用書) (團購另有優惠)





The thoroughly revised edition of Vander’s Human Physiology is an integrated package of textual and digital material that delivers basic and clinical content, real-life applications, and educational technologies. All these pieces come together to facilitate learning and enthusiasm for understanding the mechanisms of body function. Key focus areas include homeostasis, exercise, and human health. These and other areas of interest are elaborated upon, beginning with Chapter 1, where the key “General Principles of Physiology,” an underlying theme in the book, is first introduced. Unifying themes, such as homeostasis, are explored throughout the book at all levels of system, organ, tissue, and cellular function—themes that are always related to pathophysiology through the use of compelling clinical case studies in all chapters, and a final chapter with several cases that integrate material across the entire book.


◎Eric Widmaier (Boston University)

◎Hershel Raff (Medical College of Wisconsin)

◎Kevin Strang (University of Wisconsin)


Chapter 1 Homeostasis: A Framework for Human Physiology
Chapter 2 Chemical Composition of the Body and Its Relation to Physiology
Chapter 3 Cellular Structure, Proteins, and Metabolic Pathways
Chapter 4 Movement of Solutes and Water Across Cell Membranes
Chapter 5 Cell Signaling in Physiology
Chapter 6 Neuronal Signaling and the Structure of the Nervous System
Chapter 7 Sensory Physiology
Chapter 8 Consciousness, the Brain, and Behavior
Chapter 9 Muscle
Chapter 10 Control of Body Movement
Chapter 11 The Endocrine System
Chapter 12 Cardiovascular Physiology
Chapter 13 Respiratory Physiology
Chapter 14 The Kidneys and Regulation of Water and Inorganic Ions
Chapter 15 The Digestion and Absorption of Food
Chapter 16 Regulation of Organic Metabolism and Energy Balance
Chapter 17 Reproduction
Chapter 18 The Immune System
Chapter 19 Medical Physiology: Integration Using Clinical Cases

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出版日期 : 2023
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