Prescott's Microbiology 12/E

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Prescott's Microbiology 12/E


The author team of Prescott’s Microbiology continues to provide a modern approach to microbiology using evolution as a framework. This new 12th edition integrates impactful new changes to include a fresh new design to engage students and important content updates including SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 which are prominently featured, taxonomic schemes that have been extensively revised, recent epidemiological data, and mRNA vaccines which just scrapes the surface of this new edition.


Part One Introduction to Microbiology
Chapter: 1. The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology
Chapter: 2. Microscopy
Chapter: 3. Bacterial Cell Structure
Chapter: 4. Archaeal Cell Structure
Chapter: 5. Eukaryotic Cell Structure
Chapter: 6. Viruses and Other Acellular Infectious Agents

Part Two Microbial Nutrition, Growth, and Control
Chapter: 7. Bacterial and Archaeal Growth
Chapter: 8. Control of Microorganisms in the Environment
Chapter: 9. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Part Three Microbial Metabolism
Chapter: 10. Introduction to Metabolism
Chapter: 11. Catabolism: Energy Release and Conservation
Chapter: 12. Anabolism: The Use of Energy in Biosynthesis

Part Four Microbial Molecular Biology and Genetics
Chapter: 13. Bacterial Genome Replication and Expression
Chapter: 14. Regulation of Cellular Processes
Chapter: 15. Eukaryotic and Archaeal Genome Replication and Expression
Chapter: 16. Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
Chapter: 17. Microbial DNA Technologies
Chapter: 18. Microbial Genomics

Part Five The Diversity of the Microbial World
Chapter: 19. Archaea
Chapter: 20. Nonproteobacterial Gram-Negative Bacteria
Chapter: 21. Proteobacteria
Chapter: 22. Gram-Positive Bacteria
Chapter: 23. Protists
Chapter: 24. Fungi
Chapter: 25. Viruses

Part Six Ecology and Symbiosis
Chapter: 26. Exploring Microbes in Ecosystems
Chapter: 27. Microbial Interactions
Chapter: 28. Biogeochemical Cycling and Global Climate Change
Chapter: 29. Microorganisms in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
Chapter: 30. Microorganisms in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Part Seven Pathogenicity and Host Response
Chapter: 31. Innate Host Resistance
Chapter: 32. Adaptive Immunity
Chapter: 33. The Microbe-Human Ecosystem
Chapter: 34. Infection and Pathogenicity

Part Eight Microbial Diseases, Detection, and Their Control
Chapter: 35. Epidemiology and Public Health Microbiology
Chapter: 36. Clinical Microbiology and Immunology
Chapter: 37. Human Diseases Caused by Viruses and Prions
Chapter: 38. Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria
Chapter: 39. Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protists

Part Nine Applied Microbiology
Chapter: 40. Microbiology of Food
Chapter: 41. Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
Chapter: 42. Applied Environmental Microbiology

Appendix 1 A Review of the Chemistry of Biological Molecules
Appendix 2 Common Metabolic Pathways
Appendix 3 Microorganism Pronunciation Guide

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